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Lion of Judah - Addis Ababa
3D model and Virtual Tour

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A collaborative project between GEOTECH3D and Eagle Hills taking place in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.


Our team of engineers and drone operators utilized drone cameras to collect aerial photos as well as capturing panoramic images from the ground, meshed to create a 3D model of the district, and a virtual walkthrough “ 360 Pano Tour”, that we hope you’ll enjoy.


This Reality capture of the monumental Lion of Judah statue and the neighboring rail station model was intended for the documentation and project development purposes. Clients requested a reality capture of this historical monument before replacing it with a sales center and hotel.


This downtown heritage site is of importance to the country for its economic role, a great example of how modeling, scanning, and mapping help Real Estate developers, governments and the private sector make the best out of their resources to achieve their intended goals.

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