Aerial Surveying Techniques:

The time-importance awareness growth and the development in all the economical sectors people are searching desperately for all the techniques that can help them get the wanted task with the least time wasted.

Hence UAV ( Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle ) or UAS ( Unmanned Aircraft System ) was created, the basic principles of the UAV’s or drones are time-saving, high accuracy, impressive resolution, and easy-handling and with these amazing traits the UAV was made to serve the surveying sector and develop it.

Geotech 3D is one of the pioneers in this field, we have adopted this method and started to work with it since years ago. Geotech 3D is a pioneer market leader in aerial surveying and 3D scanning.

Our unrivaled expertise extends from 3D scanning, 3D documentation to aerial and land surveying. We own multi kinds of drones/phantoms some are multi-copter used for simple surveying and others are using a fly-over route usually used for large projects and non-accessible regions.

Our experts control the UAVs by a computerized navigator used as a remote sensing instrument to capture all the details required on the ground surface on 500m or more altitude.

We use different types of drones such as eBee Sense Fly, Inspire DJI and eXom, these drones are known for their excellent performance and easy handling.

Our clients are all over the world, we have done different projects on local levels such as crushers in Al Fujairah and RAK, Heritage in Al Ain and Sharjah, Hotels in Abu Dhabi, aerial and land surveying in west region of UAE and on global level such as aerial scanning in Oman as well as 3D scanning in Argentina and Singapore.

With aerial surveying, there are some typical types of data collected such as aerial photography, LIDAR, remote sensing and geophysical data of course all these data are raw data that needs a lot of processing and working which will not be a problem for our team. Aerial photography has a wide range of uses such as:

  • Archaeology

  • Fishery surveys

  • Geophysics

  • Hydrocarbon exploration

  • Land survey

  • Mining

  • Monitoring wildlife

  • Monitoring vegetation

Transportation projects

The use of geospatial photography is rapidly maturing and increasing due to the huge range of applications that it can be used in.

Several types of photos can be taken using aerial photography:

Oblique: photographs taken at an angle, if they are taken from a low angle they are known as low oblique and if taken from a high angle they are known as high oblique.

Vertical: photographs are taken straight down without any angle.Combinations:Panoramas: photos done by stitching several photos taken with a handheld camera.

Pictometry: can be made from one vertical photo plus four low oblique pictures.Orthophotos: vertical photos that have been geometrically corrected.

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