BIM ( Building Information Modeling ) Introduction To...

Building information modeling or what’s known as BIM introduces a whole new world on so many different aspects such as time and cost-saving, much higher accurate estimations and narrowing error margins.

Instead of having separate sets of drawings and layouts for your project, BIM gathers them all in one intelligent model showing all the connections and links between the vital parts of the project.

3D modeling and information management are some of the great features which BIM introduces. You can see and manage all your data while tracking the timeline and the work process day by day.

Level of details or (LOD) tells how detailed you want your model to be or what are the important details for you. For example:

s shown in the picture above you can see the difference between the introduced details in each LOD.

Geotech 3D is one of the pioneers in this field, it was one of the few companies in UAE to start working in this scope.

Geotech 3D has created and produced BIM models – Locally and globally - in so many different areas such as:

  • MEP models

  • Steel structure models

  • Building models

  • Infrastructure

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