We Are All With You - COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a profound impact on our lives and society. As we go through this unknown area together, I would like to share with you an update on the operational status of our business, and some of the actions our company has taken in this situation.

In line with the instructions of the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation as well as the government of the United Arab Emirates, we have activated the remote work plan for all of our employees to protect the health and safety of our team members, our families, our community, and our customers while continuing to fulfill our obligations to customers.

This global epidemic has demonstrated the value of human health as never before. Institutions, individuals and governments are rushing to change the way of daily life to match this new reality. Although we fully believe that this pandemic is a temporary symptom, we agree with the entire international community in the way we deal with our Business.

GEOTECH3D interaction:

Our strategy includes canceling travel, minimizing the number of site employees and also activating virtual work to enforce social distancing advice provided by the medical professionals and public safety officials, the least to help these heroes on the front-lines.

Our working staff from the site adheres to the health and legal standards in the country, our team is always committed to external work schedules and wears protective masks and gloves to prevent contact with external objects.

Our office team works at full capacity from home and fully communicates with other employees via secure connections to the company's servers, and updating our website to better serve you and provide an uninterrupted support experience.

GEOTECH3D Business Continuity:

We declare that we are with the United Arab Emirates government and citizens in the face of COVID-19 and pledge to provide our services free of charge to the UAE government in the fight against the pandemic if needed, our company services or support.

At this stage, we are deploying our drones and our field experts to serve this cause and stand ready to respond to the call of duty.

As for our other services, we have prepared a package of services that helps our customers in this critical circumstance:

Drone Operation Consultancy:

This includes the DRONE use Consultation package, its types and the purpose of its use.

Processing Geospatial Datasets:

Including drone imageries/satellite imageries / Lidar/point cloud from mobile mapping or static scanners.

Software supply and training:

Including training for Global mapper/point cab.

Scan to BIM services:

Including 3D scanning point cloud convert to Revit BIM / Verification and Modification of the BIM model using point cloud.

VR experience :

Including 3D work and VR creation for real estate / Medical / automotive / governmental applications

VR meetings:

Prepare and establish 3D VR meetings and conferences as well as exhibitions.

Virtual and Panoramic tours:

Using our VR and panoramic experience to create dollhouse and interactive virtual experience applications

Satellite imagery:

Daily updated 70cm resolution satellite imagery with impressive pricing, each scene is 40SQ KM. images can be used to update the current earth situation and help in analysis in this crisis.


Drop us a hello on info@geotech3d.com or visit our contact page

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