Is 3D scanning Useful for ship building and Maintenance ?

Historical background of 3D scanning:

3D laser Scanning Technology Had Begun at The 60s of the last Century through Researches. There was a need to be able to recreate surfaces of objects properly in order to facilitate access and Changing Old Concept of Traditional Surveying.

In the Middle of Last Century, Researchers Founded Necessary enhancement wanted to be made to the Recent system so that the same amount of Accurate detail could be collected by the scanners but at a much more efficient and effective rate than currently possible.

The technology was tied after hard drive storage may increase because of the mass amount of data that was collected by the scanners. 3D scanning wasn’t used until 1890. In 1985, 3D scanning replaced with scanners that instead of lasers, white lights and shadowing to collect objects data points surface. Three types of visual technology were produced; area, Point and stripe. Point and area were soon ignored as 3D laser scanning techniques due to the fact that not much faster than the older technology.

On the other side, outshine the other two technologies and still used in modern-day 3D laser scanners. Stripe technology passes over an object using multiple points of reference to measure the surface area. Due to the high amount of data collected in a part of the time, technology is very accurate and fast. Innovations continued to be made to the point where In the 1990s top animation studios, used full-body scanners to receive the data points of human figures.

During the 1980s a large problem faced 3D scanning enthusiasts that to capture an object in its real 3D method, the sensor would need to make different scans from different positions and it was a difficult task to perform. At this time, 3D laser scanners were very expensive, especially hard to find it and were very limited in picking up the different colors of a surface. In 1996, the Model creator was produced that combined the use of the stripe scanner on a manually operated. This system produces fast results from complex objects.

The beginning of 3D laser scanners was from Capture surface colors. And present results in minutes in 1997


3D laser scanning is a technology that can create a 3D Point cloud model and can be used to create a 3D CAD model, with the highest accuracy and details. Our 3D laser scanners can scan any size and any shape with high dimensional accuracy, it can also be used for 3D Modeling, Dimensional, Real Analysis as well.

There are three types of 3D scanner:

laser scanner ground “Total Station Scanner”,

laser scanner on the ground “Indoor Mobile Mapping System”,

Laser scanner air Airborne Laser Scanning.

3D laser scanning applications fields including archaeology, engineering, roads, Marine, BIM, Oil and Gas, Piping Projects

3D Scanning Benefits and Uses in Marine:

A 3D laser scanner is used in many fields, and one of the most important of these fields is the Marine Field which includes the shipbuilding and maintenance of any Floating Unit Not Only the Vessels. By Using 3D Scanning You Can Easley Detect The Vessel Deficiencies in a Very Safe and Accurate Way.

Usually, Owners and Ships Management Companies are going With On-hire and Off-hire Survey by Marine Surveyors While We Founded the Modern Solution “ 3D scanning ” with The Same Costs Approx.

Also, 3D Scanning Can Be Used with Commencing and Completing of the Oil Fields Projects In Order to Let Expertise Check the Quality of Modules and Connections. Moreover, 3D Scanning Can Give The Best Results in Marine Accidents or collision


"Time is money "that’s the underlying motto in shipbuilding, especially when it comes to repairs and renovation work. As a result, the production of 3D documentation for the ships needs to be fast and trustworthy. Geotech3D provides the most favorable support to create 3D documentation with the highest accuracy and fast.

on the planet the Earth’s oceans and lakes the vessels used for shipping, transportation, it needs to be up to the task of crossing those environments. 3D laser scanning systems like Indoor Mobile Mapping System or with total station scanners help the shipbuilding and sea's logistics industries meet their urgent ship engineering needs.

Total station scanner solutions for reverse engineering and inspection services increase efficiency and decrease period to market for marine manufacturing companies. in earthly location scanning solutions using long-range scanning systems, the Focus 3D scanner can create usable models for construction or repair in mere days.

Geotech3D Provide 3D laser scanning services in shipbuilding and maintenance Field :

• Ship hull 3D modeling.

• Engine room exact 3D dimensions.

• Yachts interior 2D and 3D drawings.

• Structure waterlines and sections.

• Bridge 3D model creation.

• Propel/shaft/keel and any mechanical part drawings.

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