Khrais Fort Aerial Survey

Khrais Fort Aerial Survey

The project:

Khrais Fort is an old fort located in Al-Ain Urban region.

It has been restored according to instructions from H.H Shk Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. In order to preserve the UAE National heritage.


The mission:

GEOTECH 3D Instructed to survey and digitally record the Entire Fort External Boundaries and surrounding Fence. The client needs a digital Model to produce Ortho Maps, Contour maps, Vertical and horizontal Sections.



GEOTECH 3d Used MultiRotor Special made Chopper UAV carried with Laser Sensors and Photogrammetry Setup to Collect High-Resolution Images and Laser Scan from an Altitude of 200m. 

The mission runs for 1 hour and collected over 1100 Images and over 68 Million points as Point Cloud LAS Format.

We used Leica VIVA-GS15 to integrate the GCP Points with Internal IMU-OSD Data, an accurate post-process operation was generated to export Accurate Ortho Image and DEM.

Results were impressive, the client received a set of multiple data categories like:

  • 3D Digital model in AutoCAD / .dae & 3DS .

  • Video walkthrough

  • Topographic maps

  • Point Cloud Model

  • High-Resolution Still Images

  • High-resolution Oblique Photos.

  • High-resolution OrthoPhoto.

  • Google Kmz Model