Mecca Crescent 3D Scan

The project:

The Crescent was Created By Premier Composite Technology operating, The company manufactures Crescent of composite materials of fiberglass-backed mosaic gold, to weigh up to 35 tons, including installation materials.  Five engineers and a hundred workers carried out the project, which cost 90 million dirhams, and it took three months to implement it.


The height of Crescent about 22 meters, width of 24 meters, was divided into 10 parts can be re-installed to facilitate the transfer to a higher clock Mecca; largest clock in the world, that size up to six times the famous Big Ben in London.


The mission:

After Crescent Installation, Interior Fit out Design has to be set. This require actual and accurate as built 3d Model. Knowing that the Crescent is Based Over 400+m on air, the crescent is in Continues movement by wind. This make the conventional Survey methods are useless.


GEOTECH 3D requested to Carry out 3D Scanning for the crescent interior and prepare 3DE Model with High level of accuracy.


The Execution:

Our team Climbed the under construction Tower Carrying With Them all 3D Scanning System and Necessary Measurements and Scanning Tools. They spend 6 hours in Continuous high speed 3D scanning and Data Collection. 4 Levels were scanned and connected using Special Targets. The site work end with 126 Million Points Collected and Registered accurately

The Data Process started with cumulative Frame By Frame Filtration, Registered point Cloud Used to generate 3D reverse Model, the elements were Modeled separately in Each Engineering Davion. Some of the Structures were engineering and Mechanical Parts while another data were organic shapes.


The information Processed and Delivered in 12 days.

The deliverables Received by Our Client were:

  • 2D AutoCAD Frame Drawings

  • 3D CAD Drawing

  • 3D Virtual tour with Spot Labeling.

  • 3D Fly Through

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