Union House 3D Scan

Union House 3D Scan

The project:

In the contemporary history of the UAE, the Union House has played an essential role. It Is located at the western end of Dhyafa street near the Beach, the Union House witnessed the signing of the Treaty establishing the first federal state in the Arab world; Which Is the United Arab Emirates, it was the second of  December 1971.

It’s also located for the second-largest flag of the United Arab Emirates (40 × 20 meters). Which considered as Important signage; Union House regarded today as the main destination for celebrating the National Day of the United Arab Emirates, where citizens participate from all over the state in commemoration event of the most important events that paved the way towards achieving the outstanding achievements of the people of the UAE.

Our client decided the restoration of this historic building to revive its heritage. Our mission where it began documenting the contents of the building engineering using three-dimensional technology.


The mission:

RTA comprises preparing the site, shifting and protecting artifacts and exhibits in the onsite buildings, demolishing the aging buildings at the site, inspecting and treating the soil, and shifting the utility lines. 

GEOTECH 3D Mission was to 3d Scan and extract as it is 3D Model for internal space of the Union House, Convert a scanned data into 3D

Accurate model to be used as Digital Archive and Renovation Plans.


The Execution:

GEOTECH 3D Used Leica C10 Pulse laser Scanner in addition To 360° cameras to digitally record all internal Contents, The Aim was the main Building dimensional record. 

The 3D Digitizing System emits Millions of Points called a point cloud, the received points converted into 1 point model.


In the processing stage, we generated an accurate 3D scanning Model including Architectural Details / Dome/ Ceiling Decorative Templates with surveyor information.


GEOTECH 3D Also created web Interface Documentation which presents Panoramic View integrated with Building Part List, a flash animation Video and presentation Been submitted to the client.

The client received the next Deliverables:

  • Panoramic Images

  • Flash Animation Web Interface

  • Set Of High-resolution images

  • 3D PointCloud Model

  • 3D Reverse Model as ( DWG, DNG, .3DS, .OBJ)

  • Video Walkthrough