3D Land Surveys

Start Your New Project with 3D Surveying

One of the newest innovations when conducting surveys is to utilize 3D land surveys. This creates a detailed map that outlines the lay of the land.

In addition to an aerial image, 3D land surveys are also able to capture the various changes in topography, creating a 3D image. This will help outline the peaks and valleys within a landscape. 

To collect 3D land surveys, the team at GEOTECH3D utilizes point cloud technology. A scan is performed in an area to collect the various X, Y, and Z coordinates throughout the land. This will capture the length and width of an area, like a traditional map, but also the height and depth of the different land features. 

Taking the collected data back to our workspace, we are able to manipulate it using CAD and other computer-aided drafting programs. We are able to seamlessly create a 3D topographical map of your surveyed land. This can be particularly helpful in industries such as oil and gas.
Land surveys can also be helpful if you are conducting a new construction survey. Regardless of the intended construction, a builder will have to fully understand exactly what the potential build site looks like. This can be used for anything from large towers and buildings to new infrastructure, to building sports complexes and arenas. 

A new construction survey uses similar technology to scan an area and take detailed, high-resolution photographs and imagery of the building site. Using the assistance of various computer programs, the team is able to stitch together a comprehensive image of the entire area. 

Because we use only the best technology at GEOTECH3D, we are able to give our customers a detailed, and usable new construction survey. Builders are then able to fully manipulate the survey, rotating and zooming on particular areas of interest.
GEOTECH3D has a wide range of 3D surveying technology. Between our ability to take aerial photographs and video and our point cloud technology, 3D surveying can be used for a wide range of applications. Use 3D surveying to fully capture a landscape or potential build site. 

Understand the various undulations and challenges the land may present before you even start building. Scan a potential build site to create a detailed plan for a new highway system or infrastructure project. 

Our 3D surveying technology can be used for interior structures as well. Use our scanning services to create a detailed image of a building's mechanical components or plumbing. Take a scan of an entire building and piece together the way various systems work together. 

Or, if you are working with one highly detailed component, take a 3D scan of the component so it can be further studied, replicated, or improved upon.