Drone Mapping

Benefits of Drone Mapping

At GEOTECH3D, we offer a wide range of services to help give our builders, engineers, and architects every advantage possible. Gone are the traditional days of walking a site to collect data. 

With drone technology, our team is able to gather better, and more accurate data for your potential build site. Plus, the final survey results are delivered an estimated 6 times faster than traditional mapping services. 

Utilizing drone mapping services has several benefits associated with it. First, the level of detail is unprecedented. Not only will you be able to fully understand your potential build site, but drone mapping gives the user the ability to rotate, zoom, and manipulate the data to give builders the answers they are looking for. Further, drone mapping services are fast and can quickly survey an area no matter how large.
Drone mapping also has the ability to reach areas that are otherwise considered inaccessible. Drones can capture imagery as high as 500 m off the ground. The unmanned aerial devices are able to enter areas that would otherwise be dangerous to humans. Using a drone is a responsible way to prevent human harm. 

Drone mapping also has the ability to conduct surveys otherwise thought impossible. By changing the camera and various tools the drone is outfitted with, a drone is able to capture more than just a high-resolution photograph or video. A drone can perform a thermal survey of an area. This can be particularly helpful to engineers and workers in the oil and gas industry. 

No matter what your project, the team at GEOTECH3D wants to help. We offer a range of surveying services that offer the very latest technology. We want you to be happy with your final product and are passionate about providing ultimate customer service. 

We are detail-oriented people who like to work with other like-minded professions. Our services can be applicable to historians, archaeologists, builders, and engineers alike.