Drone Work

Get Unprecedented Images With Drone Work

Utilizing the service of an unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV can open a whole new world to mapping, survey, and data collection. Most UAVs are considered drones, which can be used to access normally inaccessible places. Drone work is an excellent choice for accurate, detailed, and fast imagery and mapping. 

Depending on your needs, GEOTECH3D has a variety of drones and computer programs to collect the images you require. For simple drone work, we often employ the services of what is called a Multicomputer, or a Fly Over Route. This can be used to survey large projects that are commonly in an inaccessible area. 

Our drones are operated with remote technology that can capture detailed imaging from as far away as 500 meters. The team at GEOTECH 3D is well versed in all aspects of drone work and are happy to tackle your surveying project.
As an aerial survey company, we have experience working with several industries and markets. We can help with urban planning and design, providing a bird's eye view of a city or potential site for development. Aerial imaging can be helpful when planning future roads or infrastructure modifications. Our aerial survey company also has experience surveying spaces for large towers and office buildings. 

Our experience also extends to the oil and gas industries and mining industries. We can survey sports complex areas and archeology sites. With different camera options, we are able to retrofit a drone to be able to take thermal images of the site. Be able to see an entire area with a simple snapshot provided by a drone. 

The team at GEOTECH 3D can make suggestions for the right type of drone imagery and camera survey for your project. Reach out to the team at GEOTECH 3D to learn more about our capabilities and expertise.
When thinking about the drone survey cost, consider the benefits of using drone technology. Drones are able to capture valuable data and imagery in a short amount of time. This means that the drone can operate in the small windows between inclement weather. 

A drone is able to be deployed quickly, at only a moment's notice. Further, a done is able to capture imagery that no map is able to rival. Images captured by a drone are extremely detailed and high resolution. We use only the best cameras and the best technology to make sure captured images are impeccable and as detailed as possible. 

The drone survey cost is negligible when using a drone in areas with limited ground clearance or in areas that are not safe for humans to survey on foot. Using an unmanned aerial device, a drone is capable of going places that a human simply cannot reach.