Geographic Information Systems

Finding a Reliable Topographic Survey Company

At GEOTECH3D, we offer many scans that are designed to help create a better, more accurate picture for the engineers and builders working on a product. We have several geographic information systems that are geared towards providing detailed information.


Our geographic information systems work together with our aerial scans to create a computer model of the various topographic features throughout a survey. These geographic information systems can be saved or manipulated, to better help engineers and builders work through a project. 

Further, we have the ability to create detailed imagery, topographical mapping, or thermal mapping to help give the engineers and builders the information they need to complete their project.
As a topographical survey company, GEOTECH3D provides a range of survey options. With several technologies available, we are able to find the best solutions for your particular project. One type of survey we can complete is called Planimetric Ground Survey. 

This helps to capture the topographical features and contours of the land. Another type of survey we can conduct is called a Volumetric Survey. This can be helpful with projects that might have a changing volumetric quantity. A Volumetric Survey might be useful for projects such as reservoirs or golf courses with large bodies of water. 

Further, our topographical survey company is able to create a Setting Out Survey. This can be useful for interior projects such as building corporate offices or apartment buildings. This is able to capture the interior of a building in detail so that the builders are better able to understand the mechanical and electrical components within the structure. With a range of options at GEOTECH3D, we are able to find the right survey to suit your project.
With scan to BIM technology, we are able to work with MEP builders and MEP contractors to create accurate, 3D modeling of a project or simple component. 

As long as the engineer or designer is willing to contribute his or her drawings and designs to our larger effort we are able to collaborate to create a 3D representation of the building or component. Being able to see a project or design come to life has several benefits. 

By using a scan to BIM a project is able to reduce the overall construction cost. This is because the entire design and build team will have a better understanding of the project by being able to view the project from all angles. 

Further, a detailed scan to BIM project will allow for better collaboration between the designers, engineers, and construction team. When the full team understands exactly what must be accomplished, the team is better able to work together to find innovative solutions and planning methods. 

Lastly, scan to BIM is able to help with overall quality control of the project. Knowing what the final project should look like can help keep quality in check.