Mobile Mapping Services

Use GEOTECH3D For All Your Mapping Services

GEOTECH3D offers a range of services, including mobile mapping services. 

Compared to traditional mapping services, mobile mapping services allows a person to be mobile while scanning an area. Not only can this can help save valuable time, but it can also help create a better and more accurate picture. 

Our mobile mapping services can be completed in just a fraction of the time using our high resolution and highly detailed drone cameras. Let the team at GEOTECH3D create the answer to your mobile mapping project. 

Mobile mapping also allows our cameras to go to places that humans are not able to reach. We are able to obtain accurate scans from as far as 500 m off the ground. Mobile mapping services can also be helpful for areas that are unsafe for humans to enter. Aerial mapping is a safe alternative to still allow designers, builders, and engineers to get the valuable data they require.
Mapping services can be used both inside or outside. For exterior projects, mobile mapping surveys are able to create a comprehensive and complete land survey. This can highlight any topographical challenges builders and designers might encounter throughout the project. Exterior mapping services use SLAM technology and a panoramic camera to capture a great deal of visual information quickly. 

Interior mapping services can be useful when working with a building and are used in conjunction with a specialized robot. This robot is able to scan an entire room or building, understanding its exact starting and stopping point. This allows the robot to piece together accurate photographs from multiple images. 

Many companies will use interior scanning to be able to fully understand the inner workings of the building. Many mechanical, electrical, or plumbing engineers find interior scans of buildings useful when creating or modifying existing building infrastructure.
At GEOTECH3D we offer a comprehensive array of various land mapping services. Whether you are starting a new construction project, are in the oil and gas industry, or simply want to survey the land for a new infrastructure project, our team is here to help. 

Aerial surveying technology is also valuable for historians and archeologists.


Our scanning abilities allow a large area to be covered very quickly, saving valuable time. Plus, aerial scans are noninvasive, which means any valuable archeological site can remain undisturbed until the experts are able to get to the site and excavate it professionally and properly. 

Our land mapping services are augmented by our extensive, high-quality drones and cameras. After gathering the initial information, our team at GEOTECH 3d is able to work the imagery together, with the assistance of highly developed computer programs, to create the most accurate and useful maps.