Photogrammetry Surveying

Start Your Project with Photogrammetry Services

When starting a new construction or building project, understanding the exact layout of the land can be pivotal. Not only will this help give you a better understanding of what design elopements can be included in the building, but it can help the mechanical and structural engineers create a solid and lasting building.

Any infrastructure project can also benefit from a thorough layout of the land. Understanding where topographical challenges lie can create a better, more efficient infrastructure system. Using photogrammetry surveying techniques, the team at GEOTECH3D is able to create a detailed, and accurate map of the area. 

Photogrammetry surveying involves taking several photographs, usually from a drone or other aerial imaging device. The high-resolution photographs are then examined and calculated to create accurate measurements between various land features. These measurements are then inputted into a computer program to create high resolution, highly detailed, and highly accurate maps.
Photogrammetry services can help save a project countless time and money. Taking a series of aerial photographs is much faster than traditional survey methods. Large acres of land can be covered in a matter of hours, compared to days with traditional surveying methods. Further, the time it takes to piece together the information and gather valuable calculations is speedy, with the help of computer programing. Specialized programs are able to seamlessly stitch together multiple photographs to create one large image. 

Photogrammetry services are able to provide a level of detail that traditional photographs and measurement tools simply cannot match. Using photogrammetry services is an excellent way to keep your project's budget, and timeline, in check. If you are in need of photogrammetry services, the team at GEOTECH3D can help. Reach out to our team of experts to understand exactly what we can do for your project.
When comparing the photogrammetry service price to traditional measurements, it may appear more expensive at first. Consider though the value you are getting by having the most accurate information available at just the click of a button. 

The photogrammetry service price is worth its weight in gold when a member of the build or design team requires instant and accurate information about the project before proceeding. By having the information about the building site available at your fingertips, it is possible to continue construction without having to pause for costly delays. 

Further, you will know that your information is accurate for the first time. Traditional survey methods are prone to human error which can spell costly change orders on a construction project. Using a photogrammetry service can help save time and money. Trust the experts at GEOTECH 3d with your next photogrammetry survey project.