Our Services

GEOTECH 3D is using a state of the art technology to perform accurate dimensional models. 

• The software is an important and impressive part of 3d data analysis. GEOTECH3D is using a variety of software to serve multiple applications like Cyclone, PDMS, Autodesk plant, Autodesk Revit, rhino …..etc.

• The modeling team is well trained and continuously under skills upgrading program with backgrounds in civil engineering, geomatics engineering, mechanical engineering, naval architect, architect, interior design, shipbuilding, and surveying.

• We are following high standards of HSE procedures and personnel training to save our persons and company vision


A complete line of 3D laser scanning and measurement technologies, contract measurement, reverse engineering, mechanical inspection, 3D modeling, and plant modeling.


GEOTECH3D employs full-time professional drone operators & latest technology in drones such as PHASEONE industrial, enabling us to provide a full range of professional aerial services using drones

Building Information Modelling

Professional services in the field of building information modeling. as-built updates using scan to BIM technique, we use point cloud to build models or MEP

Virtual Reality

Creative Virtual Reality Studio by GEOTECH3D offering a full range of VR & Gamification services for the promotion of Real Estate, Automotive, Medical and Light design.


When it comes to large scale projects, no solution better than indoor and outdoor mobile mapping to collect massive point data and maintaining best accuracy


Advanced application of drone technologies and the latest equipment and software to capture heat patterns through buildings and structures to reveal thermal inspection form.


GEOTECH3D Seasoned Professionals Offering Land Servey and Topographical Scanning for construction and civil engineering projects of all sizes in UAE.


GEOTECH3D offer the best 3D printing services in UAE, Currently, we are providing 3D printing models as PLA /SLA/ ABS.