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Mobile Mapping Solutions

Mobile Mapping Solutions

MOBILE MAPPING, in every sense of the word, has clear advantages over traditional static systems. Being mobile and having the ability to scan while moving is more practical, thus saving time for the acquisition scan. Most importantly, it remains truly accurate throughout its function of Geospatial data collection.
Indoor Mobile Mapping:

GEOTECH3D use SLAM Technology in collaboration with Viametris, SLAM  is an acronym that many people know but pass over the meaning. It means Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in English.


The first principles were developed specifically for robot localization whose exploration mission requires a basic objective: to be able to return to its starting point. What better way than to give this robot the ability to build its own map allowing it to find its initial point?

Outdoor Mobile Mapping System:

The Outdoor Mobile Mapping System is unique, this solution is able to map even difficult area due to the additional sensor dedicated to trajectory computation based on SLAM technology.

Gathering HD panoramic camera and high-resolution scanner, this Solution is ideal for your land survey.

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