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Thermal imaging by drones is an automaton transforms it into a capable apparatus that can be utilized as a part of numerous areas from development, mining, electrical, reconnaissance, firefighting, pursuit, and protection.
Thermal Imaging Or thermography have such a significant number of positive uses by identifying
heat pattern from all items and materials transforming them into pictures and video.
GEOTECH3D use the best available technology in the market to combine Aerial vehicles with Thermal Camera, we Use FLIR systems along with our DJI drones to capture Façade of buildings / detect heat map on Solar Panels, detect Cooling leakage from buildings By detecting heat transformation outside glass or cladding.

In Dubai, we used a thermal drone system to inspect AC cool leakage outside the building by flying drones to photo capture Façade and create a full heat map.

Beneath, you will discover data on how thermography functions, how to decipher Thermal pictures, Thermal maps, and shading scales, Results of thermography are the best ever ….

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