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Land Survey

Land Survey

GEOTECH3D employs a full-time professional staff enabling us to provide a full range of professional surveying services, boundary and topographic surveys, construction stake-out and monitoring & environmental mapping are some of the services we routinely provide to our clients, maintain the latest, most advanced field equipment and process the data with the most powerful modeling software available in the industry. 


GEOTECH3D professional land surveyors and engineers are dedicated to providing excellent land surveying services to respected clients.




Planimetric Ground Survey:

GEOTECH operates state of the art with Evolution softcopy workstations to extract planimetric and topographic features, and an array of software tools for generating and processing contours, map formats, and symbols.


Volumetric Survey

Deliver Accurate Volume Calculation Reports Volumetric is useful for any project where shaping and shifting are required and are especially valuable for quarries, golf courses, reservoir design, and landfills.


Setting Out:

External and Internal Survey, Buildings, apartments, landscaping, Lands, fences, Once the design is done, we can provide precise horizontal and vertical control for the construction of buildings, roads, utilities, and other improvements.


Façade Survey

When dealing with build heritage and subsequent conservation and preservation issues many of our clients require a higher level of detail than is usual for façade and building surveys.

  • Road Design / Setout

  • Roads Survey

  • Design and redesign Roads

  • Volumetric Calculation

  • Setout Roads & Highways.

  • Bridges and tunneling Survey Work

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