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GEOTECH3D employs a full-time professional staff & Equipment enabling us to provide a full range of professional Aerial Survey services.
We hold multi Kind of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), some of them are Multicomputer used for simple land survey or Media records.

Another equipment uses a Flyover route, usually, we use it for Mega Projects and non-accessible regions. 

Our UAV’s controlled by Computerized navigator Used as remote sensing instrument to capture Ground Surface details on 500m Altitude. 

Exported Data used as GIS-Based Ortho Photo, Generate DTM & DEM, Creating Contours, Volumetric Reports or simply an aerial still / Oblique photos.

Advantages Of UAV:

  • Imagery provided that no map can equal

  • Improved data high-resolution aerial imagery

  • Limited ground access required on site

  • Quick mobilization 

  • Small window required in bad weather

  • Use of high-precision photogrammetry

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